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Scripture Flips® Sharing God's Word, One Flip at a Time.

CBExpressions is blessed to have the opportunity to share Scripture Flips®. We carry a selection to purchase separately or add to a gift. 


Product description:
Small enough to throw in your purse, bag or fit in your pocket, the compact size is the perfect way to keep these topic related Scriptures with you wherever you go. 


The Flip is 3" x 2.75" with a chipboard cover, 22 heavyweight pages, and beautiful graphics. Adorned with a tassel, beads, and a cross; each combination is unique. Includes a mesh gift bag


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Scripture Flips

  • Hi, I'm Kendra :)

    My husband and I (and our three cats) have lived in southeast Texas for 12 years and this is where Scripture Flips® was born. The idea to create Scripture Flips started a few years ago after a phone call with a dear friend who was struggling BAD. We talked for a while and prayed together but as soon as I hung up with her I went to the Lord. "I have to DO something, Lord. I want to make something...a tool to help people focus on Your Word when they are in such despair that they can hardly put two thoughts together. Please show me what to do." And in the months following, our awesome God started to show me what He wanted. You see, I fully know that Scripture Flips belongs to God. They are His idea, they are filled with His Word, and He knows every person that will receive these precious gifts. It's all His, for His glory. I just had to be ready and to ask what to do.

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